After analyzing, explaining and developing the concept of "American Dream" all along the presentation, we come to a conclusion that it is barely possible to define the American Dream with one general definition as it is finally very complex and vast depending on the situation. However, the idea of social achievement is usually emphasized. Since its "birth" and even before the "American Dream" was spread everywhere in the US essence itself. For a long time, the American Dream was considered as the invisible living dream on earth in all people's mind where you are feeling like you can do anything. Nevertheless, since events such as the 9/11 the image of the "American Dream" was tarnished and this created a tense and heavy atmosphere on people's life and vision.


Today, the American Dream doesn't have unanimous support, especially American people themselves as they may feel dishonored and for the first time they realize they have enemies even though they were regarded as the savior of the world. Yet, the American Dream is not dead after all since millions of immigrants still believe in the dream of crossing the wall towards "liberty". Therefore, the American Dream keeps existing thanks to immigrants although the reality is being cruel to them.


Another issue is raised by this presentation which is the victory of Barack Obama's elections at the presidency. Does that really mean "the achievement of the American Dream" or is it a false interpretation, a confusion between the American Dream and the Black American Dream ?





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